MIKI HOUSE’s “CHIECO SAKU” Collection made its debut in Paris

MIKI HOUSE’s “CHIECO SAKU” Collection made its debut in Paris

- Special Event held at the luxury hotel "Ritz Paris" -

  MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan, CEO: Koichi Kimura), the manufacturer and retailer of MIKI HOUSE brand, started selling "CHIECO SAKU" at its flagship store in St. Honoré, Paris, from April 1st, 2023. To celebrate the brand debut of "CHIECO SAKU" in Paris, MIKI HOUSE participated in an Easter event at the luxury hotel "Ritz Paris" on April 9, 2023. We held a workshop featuring a character based on the bunny motif of "CHIECO SAKU" and provided enjoyment for families visiting the Ritz Paris. In addition to the permanent display of "MIKI HOUSE Gold Label" in the hotel showcase, a limited-time display of "CHIECO SAKU" is also being presented. In Europe, the St. Honoré store in Paris is the second location to carry “CHIECO SAKU” line after the boutique at luxury department store Harrods in London, UK. MIKI HOUSE will continue to create safe and secure products that prioritize children’s comfort and well-development, aiming to brighten the world with the smiles of babies and children.

<St. Honoré Store> “CHIECO SAKU" makes its debut in Paris.

<Ritz Paris> Showcase

<Ritz Paris> Easter Event with CHIECO BUNNY 


 The new collection "CHIECO SAKU" was launched as a new brand in August 2022. The main character is a bunny named "CHIECO," and the brand expresses the idea of valuing children's dreams and their free imagination. The designs incorporate CHIECO’s dreams into their products, featuring cute and retro silhouettes with unique color schemes that differ from the main brand, "MIKI HOUSE." Each season, the brand changes its theme, creating a storybook-like product lineup that reflects the world “CHIECO” the bunny admires. As of April 20th, 2023, the brand has expanded to 2 stores in Europe and 16 stores in Japan.

<CHIECO SAKU> Model Image


<Harrods in London> CHIECO SAKU POP UP 


【Store Information - St. Honoré, Paris 】
Address: 366 rue St. Honore, Paris, 75001 France

Located on St. Honoré, one of the most prominent fashion venues in the world, MIKI HOUSE has been operating the store for 28 years to promote the brand globally.
 Flagship Store in St. Honoré, Paris


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