Our Baby Clothes

Our Baby Clothes


Easy, Comfortable and Adjustable Bodysuit

Kimono-style Hadagi does not irritate the delicate skin of newborns. Also, it is easier to wear or take off and to adjust to the growing baby's body thanks to the loose structure of kimono.

Despite of the small body size and thinner skin, newborns produce more sweat because they have the same number of sweat glands as an adult. It is extremely important to keep newborns’ skin clean and dry by exchanging the bodysuit frequently.


Hadagi Kimono Bodysuit

  1. Avoiding Seams
    The body panel of Hadagi is made from one piece of fabric in order to avoid skin-irritating seams.

  2. Outside Seams
    Seams are stitched on the outside of Hadagi, so they do not irritate the skin.

  3. Three-dimensional Armhole
    Armholes are sewn into three-dimensional structure so the newborns can easily move their arms.

  4. Bigger Front Panels
    Specious and flexible panels adjust to growing babies’ bodies.

  5. Outside Tags
    Tags are sewn onto the outside to avoid irritation.


Premium Supima Cotton Fabric Made of Safer Fibers

La Morfet ®* is the safe fiber-processing agent for sensitive skins. From over 1,200 kinds of fiber-processing agents, we carefully select the agent with the least amount of allele substances in order to be safer.

We also use loosely twisted Supima Cotton, thin and ultra-long fiber cotton. Beautifully shining while soft, durable, absorbent and stretchy.

*La Morfet ® is a registered trademark of Shikibo Co., Ltd. In order to retain quality, we recommend you use natural detergents that do not contain fluorescent agents, fragrances, enzymes, etc. for laundry.

**This product won Kids Design Award in 2017 backed by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Baby La Morfet Agent

  1. Minimizing Allergic Reaction
    La Morfet ® minimizes the exposure to allele substances, thus it minimizes the allergic reaction.

  2. High Liquid Absorbency + Durability
    The loosely twisted ultra-long fibers are more durable and have more liquid absorbency.

  3. Premier Gloss
    High quality Supima cotton products have a superior shine like silk.


Keep Baby’s Skin Gently Clean & Dry

Untwisted yarn is specially made by bundling high quality, extra-long cotton fibers. Untwisted Yarn Collection is so fluffy and touches baby’s skin so gently. Its high absorbency keeps skin clean and dry.


Twisted yarns

  1. Excellent Softness
    Twisted yarn becomes tighter with every wash. The untwisted structure of extra-long fibers prevents from leakage and allows it to retain its original softness over time.

  2. High Liquid Absorbency
    Because of its loose structure, untwisted yarn absorbs more liquid than regular yarn. In addition, they allow for an airy, soft texture.

  3. Natural Gloss
    Products using untwisted yarn have a smooth shiny look due to their extra-long fibers.
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