Our Clothes

Our Clothes

Easy to Wear, Comfortable and Always Look Fresh

All of MIKI HOUSE clothes are designed to be easy, comfortable for children. Plus, they always look fresh after many washings.


1. Wide Rib Waist Band

Wide elastic rib waist band allows kids to wear and take off the pants easily by themselves. It might help young children go through a toilet training smoothly. High rise to prevent the diapers to be seen.

2. Snap Buttons on the Shoulder

On 12mos and 2T sizes, most of our tees and sweatshirts have snap buttons on the shoulder so wearing or taking off the clothes gets easier.

3. High Quality Materials and Production

We only use the high quality fabrics and trims, and produce in the factories where quality control is tight. Therefore, our products retain the original shape and colors even after many washings.


Protect Babies & Kids from UV Damage

The skin of all infants (not just those who have fair skin) is particularly vulnerable to sun damage, partly because they haven't yet developed all the melanin, the natural skin pigment that provides some sun protection*. Protecting babies and young children from UV exposure in early stage of life and 365 days is very essential for health.

*Source: The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, "Sun-Safe Babies", May 10, 2016


1. Cut UV More Than 90%

Most of our UV PROTECTION COLLECTION products prevent UV by more than 90%, or at least 80%.

2. Hooded Jackets and Neck Covers

It is important to cover the body as much as possible when the children are exposed to direct sunlight. Our UV Protection Collection products have extended coverage to face, neck and shoulders where easily get sunburned.

3. Multi-Functions

Most of our UV protection jackets features water-repellency and breathability. They are perfect companion for a playdate or vacation.



Repel Small Insects

Applying nano technology, Insect Shield* fabric yarns are coated with natural ingredients from Asteraceae plants to repel small insects. Insect Shield collection uses non-toxic, non-odorous and colorless coating technology that is certified by US Environmental Protection Agency.

*Insect Shield does not guarantee 100% insect repelling effects.


1.Made of Natural Ingredients

    Small insects avoid certain ingredients from Asteraceae plants. Insect Shield uses these ingredients to reproduce the environment around the garment.

    2. Non-toxic, Colorless, No Odor

    Insect Shield protects young children naturally without side effects.

    3. Effective After Many Washings

    It retains the original feature after many laundry washings. However, do not dry clean as it loses the repelling effects.



    Dry and Breathable Fabric for Summer or Bathing

    Double Weave Gauze is 100% cotton, thick and soft woven fabric. It gives clothes high breathability, liquid absorbency and super softness. Ideal material for summer clothes or bathing towels year around.


    1. High Breathability

    Double Weave Gauze is made of layers of highly breathable gauze fabrics, so it is dry and soft at the same time. For the babies with sweaty skins, it is an ideal material during summertime.

    2. Excellent Liquid Absorbency

    It also has super high liquid absorbency, so it is perfect for the bathing time, too. Not only to be used as a bath towel, the smaller Double Weave Gauze towel cleanses the tiny newborns gently but easily because it is not as bulky as the regular towel is.



    Durable, Soft, No Slipping Off

    Our socks are made of synthetic yarns covered by 100% cotton yarns* for both durability and softness. Three-dimensional Y-Heel structure improves comfort and prevent from slipping off heel.

    *Some colors may contain small amount of non-cotton yarns.


    1. Y-Heel Structure

      A Y-shape stitch in the heel forms a cup around the heel and holds it firmly in place. Therefore, it prevents slipping off.

      2. Reinforced Toe & Heel

      Reinforced toe and heel make the socks durable and tear and abrasion resistant.

      3. Effective After Many Washings

      It retains the original feature after many laundry washings. However, do not dry clean as it loses the repelling effects.

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