Pants Made For Kids

Pants Made For Kids

Our pants are designed and manufactured for your kids' healthy growth.
They are comfortable and allow active movement.


MIKI HOUSE Pants Features

1. Easy to Wear

  • Wide elastic waistband ensures the pants stay on the waist
  • Allows kids to wear and take off the pants easily by themselves
  • Most of our pants are made of stretch fabric for maximum comfort
  • Most pants have no buttons or zippers so they are easy to wear and safe

2. High Rise

  • Covers the diaper completely
  • Keeps the abdomen warm

3. Adjustable Elastic Waistband

  • Perfect fit makes kids feel comfortable
  • High quality elastic band that does not stretch out over time
  • Elastic band can be easily exchanged for long-lasting wear

4. Always Look Fresh Even After Many Washes

  • High quality fabrics, trims and strict quality control in production
  • Retains the original shape and colors even after many washes
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