MIKI HOUSE Group CSR Procurement Policy

MIKI HOUSE Group and its affiliates, in an effort to provide services and products that delight more and more children and families, we will carry out a procurement policy that lives up to our social responsibilities.

CSR Procurement Policy

  1. Fair Selection and Sound Dealings of Suppliers
    Taking product quality, delivery timing and reliability, economic practicality, compliance to social standards, concern for social issues, and environmental initiatives into consideration, we select suppliers through a fair process and initiate sound dealings.

  2. Consideration for Human Rights and The Environment
    With a fundamental respect for human rights, health and safety, and a concern for the environment, we will work to provide our products and services by dealing with suppliers that do not violate human rights through such acts as unfair discrimination, forced labor, or child labor.

  3. Product Quality, Improvement, and Safety Preservation
    In an effort to provide our customers with a peace of mind when using our products and services, we will cooperate with our suppliers to ensure the preservation of our product quality and safety while also working to improve both.

  4. Drive Sustainable Procurement
    We will build strong, trusting, mutually cooperative relationships with our suppliers to drive sustainable procurement activities.