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MOVE STYLE! Technical Long-Sleeved T-shirt

MOVE STYLE! Technical Long-Sleeved T-shirt

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This long-sleeved T-shirt is part of the MOVE STYLE! series, made from stretch-knit quilt material. It's knitted with a three-layer structure that includes additional air layers for improved insulation. Crafted from high-performance materials that help regulate body temperature, it provides a warmth akin to basking in the sun, making it an ideal choice for your child's active winter moments.

It's designed with a combination of high-sensitivity fibers known for their exceptional moisture-wicking and moisture-absorbing properties, as well as highly breathable and water-resistant fibers. The fabric also incorporates odor control and static reduction, ensuring a consistently refreshing and comfortable feel. We suggest pairing it with the matching trousers (13-3206-494), which are made from the same material, making it perfect for children who are sensitive to the cold and for activities such as playing in the snow.

Furthermore, this unique piece features a special three-layer structure material designed to enhance insulation (note: 'Danlon®' is a registered trademark of Kenzen Co., Ltd). It undergoes quilt wave processing, providing remarkable elasticity and a soft, warm texture.



- Polyvinyl Chloride Resin 48%, Acrylic 28%, Nylon 12%, Wool 11%, Polyurethane 1% (Ribbing: Acrylic 65%, Wool 25%, Nylon 5%, Polyurethane 5%)

Country of origin

- Made in Japan

Care Instructions

- Machine wash cold, line dry


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