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DOUBLE_B Monotone First Walker Shoes

DOUBLE_B Monotone First Walker Shoes

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Timeless kicks embodying MIKI HOUSE know-how and DOUBLE_B style. Made of fine faux leather, these minimalist first walker shoes showcase next-level quality. Gotta love the boundless functional details like antiviral-slash-antibacterial inner mesh and excellent foot support. Simply strap on for an everyday look that effortlessly demands attention.


- Turned-up toe prevents stumbling
- The toe box has enough room for toes to spread as if barefoot
- Flexible Joint Design: the sole is designed to bend easily at the toe area to help children walk smoothly
- The big, hard counter holds the heel and ankle firmly and promotes a natural walking
- Wide opening and hook-and-loop strap for easy wearing. Wide strap secures fit
- Minimizes Odor


- Laces are fixed; no need to worry about them getting untied
- Upper: synthetic leather
- Outsole: rubbe

Country of origin

- Made in Japan

Care Instructions

- Hand Wash and dry flat


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