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Washable Silk Coverall

Washable Silk Coverall

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Discover the elegance and practicality of our silk coverall, expertly crafted from breathable and elastic silk fabric.

Designed to be machine washable, this coverall offers convenience without compromising on style or comfort. Whether you're relaxing at home or stepping out for a casual occasion, this versatile piece is perfect for any setting. Enjoy the luxury of silk without the hassle, thanks to this washable and adaptable coverall.



- Silk 100%

Country of origin

- Made in Japan

Care Instructions

- Machine wash cold, line dry


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About silk

Silk is a natural fibre harvested from silkworm cocoons, characterised by its composition of around 18 different amino acids. These amino acids are similar to those found in human skin and hair, making silk exceptionally gentle and safe for sensitive skin and babies. Additionally, the antioxidant properties of these amino acids help maintain skin cleanliness by combating the effects of sweat and sebum, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

All-Season Comfort

Silk contains amino acids, which are the main components of collagen, helping to maintain skin moisture. It has 1.3 to 1.5 times the moisture absorption of cotton and 1.5 times the moisture release, combined with low thermal conductivity, making it cool in summer and warm in winter, providing year-round comfort.

Washable Silk

Our "Washable Silk" series is a revolutionary fabric developed through a unique technique that modifies raw silk to be both washable and remarkably stretchy. This innovative material is ideal for baby clothing, combining the properties of "washable" and "stretchable" to ensure your baby stays comfortable and stress-free.