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West Indian Sea Island Cotton kimono-style short hadagi (Gold Label series)

West Indian Sea Island Cotton kimono-style short hadagi (Gold Label series)

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Discover our fantastic Sea Island cotton knit gauze kimono bodysuit ("hadagi" in Japanese), perfect for newborns and crafted from the finest Sea Island cotton from our Gold Label collection.

This luxurious fabric is uniquely double-knit, with both the outer and inner layers simultaneously woven and connected by binding threads, creating a delicate, airy texture that is exceptionally soft and fluffy.


          - Designed to be layered over a short undershirt, the bodysuit features a flared silhouette, ensuring a comfortable, non-restrictive fit.

          - Each bodysuit comes with a serial-numbered certificate of authenticity and is elegantly packaged in an exclusive Gold Label box, offering a truly premium experience.


          - Cotton 100%

          Country of origin

          - Japan

          Care Instructions

          - Machine wash cold, line dry


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          West Indian Sea Island Cotton

          This ultra-long fiber cotton represents only 0.01% of the total cotton harvested worldwide. Its exceptional smoothness makes it the perfect choice for a child's first garment.


          From this exquisite West Indian Sea Island Cotton comes our incredibly fluffy fabric, renowned for its exceptional smoothness and softness, thanks to its high oil content in the fibers. Its unique blend offers a luxurious feel unmatched by any other.

          Supreme Gentleness

          Envelop your baby's delicate skin in the supreme gentleness of West Indian Sea Island Smooth fabric, ensuring a soft and comforting embrace.