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West Indian Sea Island Cotton Plain Coverall (Gold Label series)

West Indian Sea Island Cotton Plain Coverall (Gold Label series)

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Experience Silk-like Sheen and Cashmere-like Softness!

Let your little one indulge in the luxury of Sea Island Cotton, cultivated exclusively in select regions of the Caribbean and the West Indies, making it highly coveted for its rarity and prized for its silk-like sheen and cashmere-like softness.


      - Fabric knit in jersey (rib) stitch, creating a double-layered texture that provides a soft and plush feel;
      - superior stretchability and soft volume thanks to the finely knitted fabric;
      - full-length design covering both arms and legs for maximum warmth and comfort;
      - comes with a warranty label featuring a serial number;
      - presented in an exclusive Gold Label original box for an added touch of luxury.


      - Cotton 100%

      Country of origin

      - Japan

      Care Instructions

      - Machine wash cold, line dry


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      West Indian Sea Island Cotton

      This ultra-long fiber cotton represents only 0.01% of the total cotton harvested worldwide. Its exceptional smoothness makes it the perfect choice for a child's first garment.


      From this exquisite West Indian Sea Island Cotton comes our incredibly fluffy fabric, renowned for its exceptional smoothness and softness, thanks to its high oil content in the fibers. Its unique blend offers a luxurious feel unmatched by any other.

      Supreme Gentleness

      Envelop your baby's delicate skin in the supreme gentleness of West Indian Sea Island Smooth fabric, ensuring a soft and comforting embrace.