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Fluffy Mitten (Organic Cotton series)

Fluffy Mitten (Organic Cotton series)

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Introducing our Organic Cotton Mittens, crafted from carefully selected 100% organic cotton material that meets rigorous standards.

A gentle addition to both skin and the environment, these mittens are a must-have baby essential. Pair them with our range of organic clothing and accessories for a thoughtful baby shower gift.


- Delicately soft and plush, providing a gentle and comforting touch;
- made in Japan for peace of mind and quality assurance;
- ideal for newborns, offering protection from scratching and preventing roughness caused by pacifier use;
- practical item that helps prevent newborns from scratching their faces or developing rough skin from pacifier use;
- useful all year round, from keeping little hands warm in autumn and winter to preventing chill from air conditioning in summer.


- 100% Cotton (100% Organic Cotton)

Country of origin

- Japan

Care Instructions

- Machine wash cold, line dry


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