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Baby Bunny and Floral Pattern Playsuit

Baby Bunny and Floral Pattern Playsuit

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This delightful playsuit is adorned with a charming floral pattern and comes with a collar, making it a perfect summer garment for casual outings. It's an ideal choice for baby preparations, baby showers, or as a thoughtful gift. To keep your little one comfortable, layer it with lightweight ponchos or leg warmers!

Featuring a refreshing floral collar and skirt, this overall is made of soft T-shirt material with openwork knitting, ensuring coolness during hot summer days. 


The cute rabbit embroidery and pumpkin-like pants design add an extra touch of charm. With a front hook design that opens all the way to the crotch, changing outfits or diapers becomes convenient. Additionally, the back gusset provides added comfort for your little one.


- 100% Cotton
- (Upper Body) 60/2 Jersey Jacquard, (Printed Section) 60/2 Jersey Print, (Pants Section) 60/2 Jersey

Country of origin

- Made in Japan

Care Instructions

- Machine wash cold, line dry


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