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Gold Label Second Shoes

Gold Label Second Shoes

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MIKI HOUSE's rubber sole is flexible, promoting the sensation of walking barefoot and encouraging proper foot movement, a vital element in supporting a child's healthy growth during their formative years.

These baby shoes, made using a vulcanization process that can only be accomplished in a select few domestic factories, involve skilled artisans in the majority of production stages. They truly represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

The material used for the upper is an environmentally conscious synthetic leather, with its foundation being recycled polyester fibers from PET bottles known as 'ECOPET®,' coated with a polyurethane finish.

The soft off-white upper colour, complemented by gold accents, exudes an elegant and delightful impression. While the design remains basic, these shoes effortlessly infuse a touch of quality into a variety of outfit choices.


- Turned-up toe prevents stumbling
- The toe box has enough room for toes to spread as if barefoot
- Flexible Joint Design: the sole is designed to bend easily at the toe area to help children walk smoothly
- The big, hard counter holds the heel and ankle firmly and promotes a natural walking
- Wide opening and hook-and-loop strap for easy wearing. Wide strap secures fit
- Minimizes Odours


- (Upper Material) Synthetic Leather
- (Sole Material) Rubber Sole

Country of origin

- Japan

Care Instructions

- Hand Wash and dry flat


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