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Miki House Original Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Blanket

Miki House Original Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Blanket

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Introducing our exquisite Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Blanket, a luxurious piece of warmth and elegance for your comfort and style needs.

Crafted from the finest and softest cashmere fibers, this blanket is designed to cocoon you in sheer indulgence. The intricate cable knit pattern adds a touch of sophistication and timeless charm to the overall design.

Wrap yourself in the sumptuous embrace of this cashmere masterpiece, and experience the ultimate in coziness and luxury. Its lightweight yet incredibly insulating properties make it the perfect companion for chilly evenings, cozying up on the couch, or adding a touch of opulence to your bedroom decor.

With its unparalleled softness and unparalleled craftsmanship, our Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Blanket is the epitome of comfort and indulgence, making it a coveted addition to your home and a treasured heirloom for generations to come.



    - 100% Cashmere

    Country of origin

    - Japan

    Care Instructions

    How to Wash a Cashmere Blanket:

    Cashmere is naturally one of the longest-lasting fibers around. With proper care and attention, your cashmere products can last for years to come. Follow these tips to keep any cashmere products in tip-top shape.

    1. Make sure you regularly shave the cashmere.

    Natural pilling, or fuzz balls, can occur in places with the most friction (think underarms on a cashmere sweater). To keep the product fuzz-free, we recommend using a razor blade or special de-pilling tool. In fact, our lifetime warranty on our cashmere products covers all product manufacturing defects and a free depilling service within the first year of purchase. After the first year, we offer depilling services at a discounted rate.

    2. Don’t wash too frequently.

    Assuming your blanket is free of stains and spills, you can go for several months without washing or cleaning.

    3. Cold water and mild detergent.

    Handwashing is always the best method, using only cold water and a very mild detergent specifically designed for cashmere. Alternatively, dry clean your cashmere.

    4. Do not put your cashmere blanket in the dryer.

    Applying any kind of heat to cashmere will cause it to shrink immediately. This is why it’s important to make sure the water is ice cold. Gently squeeze until dirt is removed and then rinse in cold water.

    5. Do not use fabric softener or any laundry enhancers, and do not machine wash.

    Cashmere is already one of the softest materials in the world. Not only does it not need fabric softener, but the chemicals in the softener can negatively interact with the delicate fibers, leaving irreparable damage to your new blanket.

    6. Air Dry.

    We can’t stress this enough - you should never expose cashmere to any type of heat. The best way to dry your blanket is naturally. It does help to dab with a dry towel to help absorb excess water, then lay it flat to dry. Do not expose the cashmere to direct sunlight. Leave it in an open, airy spot and let it dry naturally.


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