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Easy Zip Stripe Coverall

Easy Zip Stripe Coverall

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Let's jump right into it with our vibrant and playful Easy Zip Stripe Coverall! This trendy item was inspired by the voices of modern moms, and it features a convenient zipper closure for easy dressing and undressing.

Let's explore its exciting features: say farewell to button troubles! The zipper closure eliminates the hassle of dealing with buttons, making dressing a breeze. It's a coverall for all seasons! Whether it's spring, autumn, or winter, this versatile piece is designed to be worn year-round. We've got your little one's comfort in mind! The design includes a roomy seat area for maximum freedom of movement and comfort.

It's a perfect blend of style and convenience that both moms and babies will love. Let's embrace hassle-free fashion and make dressing a joyous experience!



    - 100% cotton(collar ribbing), 73% cotton, 27% blended fibers (polyester)
    - (cuff ribbing) 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane

    Country of origin

    - Made in Japan

    Care Instructions

    - Machine wash cold, line dry


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