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Extra Soft Scallop-Cut Collar T-Shirt

Extra Soft Scallop-Cut Collar T-Shirt

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Discover our new Scallop-Cut Collar Long Sleeve T-Shirt, a versatile addition to any wardrobe. The standout feature of this shirt is its scallop-cut collar, adding a touch of elegance and charm. The silhouette bear embroidery on the chest adds a playful element to the design. The collar is adorned with lawn lace, lending a demure and refined look. With its simple yet versatile design, it pairs effortlessly with jumper skirts or cardigans for a semi-formal ensemble.


    Made from jersey fabric, this shirt is suitable for wearing across three seasons—autumn, winter, and spring—making it a highly versatile piece in your closet. The hook buttons on the back make dressing and undressing a breeze.


    - 60/2 Jersey (Collar: Lawn Lace)
    - 100% Cotton

    Country of origin

    - Japan

    Care Instructions

    - Machine wash cold, line dry


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