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Gold Label Leather Baby Shoes

Gold Label Leather Baby Shoes

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Indulge in the epitome of sophistication with our exquisitely crafted calf leather christening shoes. These supremely soft and elegant booties are designed to add a touch of refinement to your little one's christening event. Walk the path of grace and style with these tender, luxurious shoes, perfect for your baby's special day.


    Did you know our Gold Label collection? It's the culmination of over half a century of Miki House craftsmanship! Gold Label combines the world's finest materials, such as rare sea island cotton, white goose down, cashmere, and silk, with Miki House quality to create something truly exceptional.

    Crafted to suit the delicate sensibilities of children, it is the epitome of 'authenticity.'


    - (Upper) Surface: Lamb leather
    - (Lining) Horsehide
    - (Sole) Polyester

    Country of origin

    - Made in Japan

    Care Instructions

    - Machine wash cold, line dry


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