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Usako's Garden Adventures Knit Cardigan

Usako's Garden Adventures Knit Cardigan

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Presenting our charming Cotton Knit Cardigan featuring luxurious bunny embroidery. Picture the adorable Usako bunny taking a stroll through the garden on your tiny cardigan! This piece is brimming with attention to detail, with the opulent embroidery on the back stealing the spotlight. It's a perfect blend of charm and craftsmanship that adds a touch of elegance to your little one's wardrobe!


    - Made from very soft and gentle cotton material, providing a comfortable feel against your child's skin.
    - A lightweight knit that can be used throughout the year, from early spring to late autumn, and is also recommended for staying cool in summer air conditioning.


    - Ultraviolet protection rate (UV cut) of 90% or more
    - 100% Cotton

    Country of origin

    - Vietnam

    Care Instructions

    - Machine wash cold, line dry


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