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Multi Way Baby Swaddle

Multi Way Baby Swaddle

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This versatile multi-ket is crafted from softly woven double gauze fabric, adorned with popular Miki House little teddy bear and animal prints. Its lightweight and thin design make it ideal for draping, pulling, or wrapping in various scenarios, serving as a convenient accessory for any occasion.

Suitable for year-round use, it's particularly recommended for baby showers or as gifts. By strategically securing the two layers of fabric, the texture remains soft and the layers stay fixed without separating.


    - It's particularly useful in summer for regulating temperature, whether it's shielding against air conditioning or for outdoor activities. Thanks to its double gauze construction, it boasts excellent breathability and quick-drying properties, ensuring easy maintenance.
    - This multi-ket provides versatility across all seasons, offering coolness in summer and warmth in winter by trapping air for insulation. It's adaptable for numerous purposes, including diaper changing sheets, spit-up guards, breastfeeding capes, swaddles, knee blankets for mothers, sun protection, and even folded into a baby pillow.


    - Double Gauze Print
    - 100% Cotton

    Country of origin

    - Japan

    Care Instructions

    - Machine wash cold, line dry


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