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Festive Flickering Fireworks T-Shirt

Festive Flickering Fireworks T-Shirt

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Boom! Watch the fireworks twinkle in the sky with Usako! Usako goes to a summer festival in Japan wearing summer kimonos, where they ride ferris wheels and win goldfish and yo-yos!
With many embroidered features, this shirt is intricate and full of detail and design. The shirt has subtle stripes of mesh-like fabric (but not see-through) that adds sophistication, and the 2-button closure on the left shoulder allows you to easily dress and undress your child*. And of course, MIKI HOUSE wouldn’t be MIKI HOUSE without their extra touch- this time, it’s the cute design printed on the back of the shirt.

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- 100% cotton
- Rib: 74% cotton, 26% polyester

Country of origin

- Made in Japan

Care Instructions

- Machine wash cold, line dry


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