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Vintage Style Mantle

Vintage Style Mantle

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Discover our elegant baby mantle, perfect for the darker days of autumn and winter! This garment is designed to instantly brighten up your child's face, even during the gloomy weather! Crafted from lightweight yet cozy fleece material, it provides both warmth and a soft touch for your little one. With its front-opening hook buttons, dressing your child becomes a breeze. The clever design of buttoned cuffs ensures comfortable movement while keeping the sleeves securely in place. Make every winter event memorable with this versatile piece! Available in a free size of 90-100cm, it's an ideal pick for 2-year-old children and beyond. Embrace the joy and charm this garment brings, and create special moments together in style!



    - Polyester 100% (Leather Part) Synthetic Leather

    Country of origin

    - Japan

    Care Instructions

    - Machine wash cold, line dry


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